Selected from my recent works in advertising photography, this picture is part of an advertising campaign by Repsol, featuring MotoGP stars.

My Advertising Photography

Pictures speak louder and can be more honest than words. Therefore, it is very important how marketers communicate their brands visually. Same as with content marketing, visual works need to tell a story, preferably a honest but compelling story about the brand. The main challenge of advertising photography is to compose the proper story and keep it honest and in the same time impregnate it with dreams and a little bit of magic to stand out. The ultimate scope of an advertising picture is to send a clear and unique message to the audience of the brand, may they be a new target community or old fans.

Julio Barcena Photography

Julio Barcena is a renowned Spanish photographer and has created this photo gallery to show his personal favourites thourgh a daily selection. He has a special interest in portraits and in the perfection of studio photography.

Julio Barcena is a professional photograher working mainly in the field of advertising photography, fashion photography, editorials, commercial photography and portrait photography including celebrity portraits.