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Individual and Family Photo Experiences.

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Non conventional portraits

Un buen retrato muestra al mundo una parte de lo que somos, de nuestra vida y como la hemos vivido. Me trabajo consiste en mostrar al mundo este mensaje de forma clara y reconocible.

Family links

What is more important than relationships? Life is about what we do when we are with the people we love and care about.

Family memories

A photographic record of your favourite places and experiences of the time you have spent together, here and now.

Inspiring portraits

Leaders, actresses, actors or everyone who needs to present himself strongly to others.

Bring to light remarkable aspects of yourself or simply shine.

A good photograph comes from knowing where to stand.

Over 20 years knowing people

I started taking photographs more than 20 years ago in Madrid. During this time I have maintained my interest in learning how people can feel represented and understood. This interest has led me to study how we create our relationships, manage our feelings or be aware of ourselves and I try to capture it in a picture. 

In a short consultation, we will help you to begin the personalize of your photo shoot to preserve the your memories of life forever.

Take a look at some of my work

My mission is to change the world with remarkable images, where people feel represented and understood.

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Everything to do with people and their lives. Personal portraits, family portraits, maybe you want to try your hand at fashion or as an actress or actor.
On a family level we can make a book to remember your years in Barcelona or as a gift for yourselves where you can see the family ties and the complicity of these years.
See above for examples of all these possibilities. Although they are a sample of real sessions in the past I would also love to hear your ideas.

Drop me some lines by email or a quick whatsapp.

If you are interested in images that are not only beautiful, but also good and relevant, you are welcome. I am interested in being part of your memorable experiences.

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By submitting your email address, you agree to our privacy policy and terms.