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Creative photography and motion studio in Barcelona doing images on time with the last fashion trends.

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Images for editorial use for affordable prices, license ready, documented and on time.

Julio Bárcena Studio

is creative photo studio focused on fashion. We inspire, entertain, and empower your audience through optimistic and diverse storytelling and points of view. Our work can see in magazines as VOGUE, ELLE, HARPERS BAZAAR, L’OFFICIEL, MARIECLAIRE, HUNGER, DESIGNSCENE, COMOPOLITAN or NUMÉRO to name a few.

Understanding appealing

People today are more culturally and intellectually diverse, complex, and nonconforming. They are shaping the future of our economy with every thought, idea, like, click, comment, and interaction, both online and real. Julio Barcena Studio can help your magazine authentically drive credibility, connectivity, and cultural relevancy with this new generation.

Julio Bárcena Studio works for real people to feel, see, and claim their power. We reflect the way intelligent photo approach fashion and beauty to create their own distinctive style.

Our essence

With a strong sense of humour, creative spirit and unconventional approach, Julio Barcena brings people and fashion productions to life.
his «Vision» is focus on real and authentic experience, making easy the path to get relevant images. His images are amazing mix between unexpected frames and real life. Julio’s strength lies in her ability to think beyond borders and inspire international creative teams.

Commissioning your narratives

Tell your magazine narratives through Julio Barcena Studio’s voice, visual lens, and channel-optimized content.

  • Managing Budget
  • Working with the best international brands.
  • Just top models and crew.
  • Tailoring with your brand.
  • Production & Locations.
  • Image archive
Making the difference

we will increase
your audience.


We are in contact with actors, actresses, athletes, musicians and all those celebrities of the moment.

Fashion Brands

We surround you with the most appropriate brands for your image.

We did it before

Magazines such as ELLE, L'OFFICIEL or BAZAAR have already trusted us.

All markets

Our contacts are in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Creative Production

Casting, location, permits and everything needed for a smooth production.

up-to-date trends

We know the trends and make them fit perfectly in each publication.


Client: LVouiton
Product: 23SS Season
Audience: 80K, print, , 4,6M online


Client: Julio Bárcena
Producto: Photography Studio
Audience: 80K, print, , 7,6M online


Client: Alejandra Onieva & David Kock
Product: Alejandra Onieva & David Koch
Audience: 18K, print, , 1.3M online


Client: Guerlain
Product: SS23 Cosmetics
Audience: 80K, print, , 4.3M online

Seamless process

How It Works

01 Share your vision

The goal is to connect each brand with its audience. What do you want to showcase? a product? a person? a service?

02 Set Budget & timeline

Let's shape the project and see how far we can go.

03 research & Design

We will build a brief, an idea that you feel represented and that your clients will love.

04 Implementation

Now... let's do it.

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